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About Us

15 year old, Award-Winning, National Singer - 72bpm or Hrishikesh Vasudevan is a professional singer, rapper, performer, instrumentalist, song-writer, producer, mixing and mastering engineer, vocal engineer, animator, film maker, music educator, and illustrator. He is a professional Pianist, Drummer, Guitarist, Violinist & Flute player, fluent in music theory since he was just a toddler. He has years of experience under his belt, ranking in the All-State Chorus when he was just a freshman starting high school. 72bpm has created his own, original sound of music, which he is responsible for originally producing, recording, creating his own live samples, beat-making, vocalizing, and doing everything by himself that you can think of, with no assist. This goes all the way from his Animations and Artwork, Music Videos, Acoustic/Live Performance Videos, "Behind the Scenes" (otherwise known as his elaborate "Making Of" videos, that show his young, solo, genius creative process), to his making of an entire professional, studio album independently with no help, just as a kid, early in his teen years. He lives and breathes music, singing even from the age of 3. He has competed, won, and even met Grammy-Award Winning artists, who were impressed by his feats, doing it all by himself for his age. He is soon to try out for NBC's The Voice, so be on the watch! Stay tuned for more of 72bpm’s new, high quality, latest hit music! 🎧 72bpm ~ Music From My Heart 💙💚